HRDEmployees are company’s greatest competitive advantage and main resource (asset).

When appropriately lead, they can be the initiators of change and organizations’ best ambassadors. As any asset, people need proper care and management in order to strive and increase their contribution.

We assist our clients in identifying motivational factors in their environment, factors of employee (dis)engagement and efficiency, define key development areas for individuals, teams and organization, asses people’s potential and define ways to use the potential at the work-place.

We speak business and share emotional intelligence and awareness of individuals and teams. We help leaders when first starting or striving to achieve the next step. We are a competent partner for professional HR managers and board members.

Some sample projects in HRD:

  • 360 analysis
  • identification and talent development (assessment)
  • personal potential analysis
  • reorganization, mergers and take-overs from strategic HR view
  • internal education programs and academies
  • (yearly) employee appraisals and personal development plans
  • razvoj internih trenerjev
  • razvoj vodij in internih coachev