LeadershipBeing a leader means to become active in setting the course instead of just being part of the group. It means stepping out and be the first to set foot into desired direction, prepared to walk part of the path alone if needed.

The success of organisation depends above all on appropriate management. In this day and age leadership skills are needed in everyday life for every person, as we work in different teams and groups, where first of all we need to manage and lead ourselves towards our goals.

Great leader is aware of the fact, that soft skills are very importnat in his job, so they regularly take time to improve their skills as well as find and improve their own style. This makes a leader authentic and pristine in what they do. Authentic leads to integrity and together they build trust. Trust is needed if people are to follow us.

A great leader is aware of all their responsibilities and is skilled in putting on different hats. They work towards developing the characteristics not previously existing in them, to an extent that no longer represents a thereat for their doing. Above all the build on improving their strengths and the strengths of their team. Great managers follow their own ambitions and goals and inspire others to join. This (s)he does with a high level of integrity and in with constant feedback on his actions influences on other people and environment.

A great leader enjoys working with people. People are their main source of joy, purpose as well as their main challenge.

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