Life Coaching

FutureWe are often prepared to sacrifice many things for a professional success. We often forget that success and happiness are closely linked to balancing professional and personal desires.Creating work-life balance and understanding the consequences of our decisions is key for achieving prosperity and personal growth. Personal happiness on the other hand is the corner stone of loving and successful personal relationships.

In life coaching we lead the client to a higher awareness on their motives, believes and habits for current behavior and assist them in developing strategies of change.

Our life is a a collage of habits. We got into the habit of brushing our teeth, checking left and right when crossing the street, saying thank you… are good habits and behavior as they make our lives easier.

But during our life journey we also gather habits, that do not support us – overeating, heavy smoking, poor physical fitness, over consumption, poor interpersonal relationships.

As we do not take to our weekend getaway all the cloths in the closets, of our neighbors, parents and friends, also not all our habits and believes are not always needed and appropriate.

In INSPIRIS we know, that habits are usually not eliminated but replaced with new, better ones. With this reason our life coaching helps clients find, change and maintain the habits, that improve their lives. Some of the fields we work in:

  • interpersonal relationship
  • nutrition
  • personal finance
  • physical fitness.

Life coaching can be also used in specific life situation, like:

  • changing jobs
  • career change
  • retirement
  • work-life balance
  • improving other life situations
  • pursuing other life goals and dreams.