MentoringThe main difference between a coach and a mentor is that mentor teaches the best ways to achieve the goals, wheres in coaching the coach guides the coachee towards creating their own paths to the goal.

In INSPIRIS we have experienced that sometimes mentoring is a very efficient and successful way of working with clients. By mentoring our clients we provide them with proved methods and knowledge, which they can apply in their work and life.

It can be as simple as advising the client how to make use of all the technical support to enhance their time management skills or advising them on their public speaches or leadership skills. This enables the client to receive feedback and improvement suggestions tailored to their personal situation, which is seldom the case in broader educational events. Here we see, where the client already learned something but is not using it.

Trainings combined with mentoring can bring amazing results when measuring how learned topics are transferred into daily work.

Where mentoring can be used:

  • time management
  • running efficient meetings
  • enhancing team communication
  • public speaking
  • customer care and communication
  • communication skills